Ch. Ritarra's Caught in the Act

Ch. Ritarra's Caught in the Act
GS-78175G26M-VPI EL21592M26-VPI

Breeder: Rita Chapman & Carolyn McKenna
Owner: Carolyn B McKenna & Rita Chapman
DOB: 12/10/2005

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Ch. Ritarra's Caught in the Act
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Nolan River KC --- January 3, 2009 --- Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"On January 3, 2009 I was given the honor of judging German Shepherd Dogs at Nolan River Kennel Club in Glenrose,Texas - entry of 13-29-1-2. My entry of dogs and bitches was a pleasure to judge. In the open class I had a entry of 5 very nice dogs. When they came in and I was looking at outlines, one of the dogs caught my eye and as I brought each one out for temperament test this dog stood and looked at me like, 'I am here for a purpose, check me out'. As I examined and moved each dog I was pleased to find when I got to this dog he felt as good as he looked. He had a very masculine head, good color and as I examined his mouth I was pleased to find he had good bite and a great under jaw. His chest was well dropped and he had great shoulders that opened well when he moved. Good ribbing, solid rear and a nice croup. When his handler took him down and back, he moved correct and when he took him around he had strong side movement. As I brought the rest of my winners back in I was pleased to see him stand easy and confident as I moved the other class winners. On my last move around the ring his handler let him have some lead and he moved out so easy I was tempted to just let them go around again just so I could watch him move. He was my WD and BOW."

~ Alice Inman