Ch. Rio Valles' Musketeer ROMC

Rio Valles' Musketeer
OFA 13777-T
Owner: F.J. and H.F Williamson

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Wascana GSDC --- July 13th, 1985 --- Winners Male & Best of Winners

"... a real standout, this Harrigan-Bernd K-type stallion is indeed descended from Reno. Somewhat large, but very good proportions. Some overcrowding of lower incisors. Good pasterns and general ligamentations. Very good, wide and long croup. Good depth and spring of chest. Medium eye color, good ears. Coat condition could have been better (losing under coat produsely). True coming and going when controlled and running straight. Very strong back with excellent under reach and drive. Very good shoulder lay back and reach."

~ Fred Lanting

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