Ch. Rallyn's Jaego CD

Ch. Rallyn's Jaego CD
OFA H GS-41918G25M
Breeder: Ralph & Linda Ciocci
Owners: Lindsey Ciocci & Joe Bihari
DOB: April 26, 1993

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Ch. Rallyn's Jaego CD

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GSDC of Canada---1997---Select #4


GSDC of America---1998---Select #5

"A solid black masculine male of good structure. Probably the strongest side mover of the first five. Good front, heard back --- never quits. Head a bit domey. Cowhocked going."

~ Edmond Barritt

GSDC of America---1999---Select #2

"A black male of excellent proportions, excellent secondary sex characteristics, sound coming and going. Sidegait: outreaching front, finished well behind. Keeps feet close to the ground. Iron hard topline, good croup. Feet and pasterns excellent. A great stallion of a dog. If I were to pick on anything---his head is almost too broad  and his ears are set a bit wide. I would be proud to have bred this animal."

~ Fred Migilore


GSDC of Canada---1999---Grand Victor