1960 Grand Victrix
Ch. Robin of Kingscroft

1960 GV Ch. Robin of Kingscroft

Breeder/Owner: Walter Babcock & Donald Ames
DOB: June 28th, 1956


Hein v. Richterbachtal ROM

1956 GV Ch. Bill v. Kleistweg ROM

Adda v. Reifeck
1960 GV Ch. Robin of Kingscroft

Cito v Huttenbergergold (Claus son)

Elene of Aldsbruck

  Black Mystery v Liebestraum (Zarek dau)

GSDC of America---1960---Best of Breed


From the 1960 Breed Survey Report: "A well balanced bitch of dry well muscled structure, well developed chest, sound temperament sound fearless character well angulated rear and shoulder. Travels close in rear. No. 4 lower right premolar missing." "Height: 23 inches. Weight: 70 lbs. Length 28 inches. Depth: 11 1/4 inches. Chest Circumference: 31 inches. Body: Typy, medium size, dry well muscled, well balanced bitch, presented in good condition. Topline: High withers, clean well carried neck, long well formed sloping croup. Fore & Rear legs: Straight, parallel legs, strong properly sprung pasterns, well formed and well padded feet. Chest and Fore Chest: Chest well developed."

~ Grant E. Mann & Collins

Canadian Grand Victrix 1960 with
Judge John Seiler and handler Donald Ames


GSDC of America---1962---Select #4


GSDC of America---1963---Select #5