2006/07 Select Excellent
Ch. Rivendell's Start the Commotion

Select Ex. Ch. Rivendell's Start the Commotion
GS-74529G24F-PI EL19355F24-PI
Breeder: Paul & Jennifer Root
Owner: David O. & Janet L. Coleman & Paul & Jennifer Root
DOB: 07/12/04



Ch. Rivendell's George Michael TC HT
Ch. Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando HSAs, TC ROM
Hawk's Nest Tanner
Select Ex. Ch. Rivendell's Start the Commotion
Ch. Jericho's Gatineau TC, HIC ROM
Rivendell-Utopia Sachet Jericho
Saddlecrest's Utopia's Classic ROM

GSDC of America --- November 3rd, 2005 --- Novice Bitch

~ Mrs. Barbara Amidon


GSDC of America --- October 18th, 2006 --- Maturity Victrix

"Again, the essence of type. With her deep body, beautiful chest and prosternum, soft curves, plushy coat, iron back, easy suspending motion, she could serve as a template for the ideal GSD bitch. Her regal bearing is hard to describe but definitely unmistakable. She was in perfect condition."

~ Jamie Walker


GSDC of America --- October 21st, 2006 --- Select #3

"Having given her a major and the BOB over Selects, her commotion started for me months ago. She is one of those bitches that makes you say 'WOW! Dark, feisty, and full of herself, she has every right to be. This bitch is a superstar. (She also went Maturity Victrix this year.)

~ Helen Franklin


GSDC of America --- October 20th, 2007 --- Select #12

"Lovely, feminine bitch. Very appealing stacked. Hard back, clean down and back. Coordinated side mover but could carry slight higher wither."

~ Mr. Edmond Barritt