1998 Grand Victrix
Ch. Rallyn's Que Sara of Starfire

1998 GV Ch. Rallyn's Que Sara of Starfire

Breeders: Linda & Ralph Ciocci
Owners: William & Susan Thompson


Debonair's Preferred Stock Topa

Ch. Bertalan's Arcturus

AOE Ch. Bertalan's Miss Sassafras CD
1998 GV Ch. Rallyn's Que Sara of Starfire
  Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of ROM
  Rallyn's Mississippi
    Ch. Whitfield/Rallyn's Aura

GSDC of America---November 7th, 1998---Best of Breed

"Medium sized mostly black and some tan of strong pigment. Good head and ear set, dark eyes, solid back and topline, nice ribbing, straight legs, good feet. Down and back clean. Shoulder and upper arm at a good angle with a nice croup. In motion she is not extreme but efficient, not wasteful, and well coordinated. Her feet stay close to the ground, her outline is consistent and when following through her hock extends past the vertical. She moved aggressively, never taking a wrong step with not an indication of fatigue. A lovely bitch of good character who had a great day and is a very nice package."

~ Edmond Barritt