Ch. Piper Hill's Polaris

Ch. Piper Hill's Polaris

Breeder: Barbara Woelfel and Denise Tanner MD
Owners: Mike Napkori and Barbara Woelfel
DOB: March 21, 1983

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Ch. Amber's Lolita of Zar Zal
Ch. Piper Hill's Polaris

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Sachem Hill's Almond Joy

  Nanhall's Fantasia

May 1985---Winners Dog

"Large black and reddish tan of beautiful type.  He is very appealing and is quite outstanding when posed.  Carries a good head and ear set but could be a shade firmer in ligamentation."

-Ed Barritt

Piper Hill's Kodachrome ROM
Cobert's Radcliffe
  Piper Hill's Draco


  Denotes a member of the 13-Club