Pilot III

Pilot III (a.k.a Pilot Ruede)
SZ 111
Born: March 22nd, 1899

Horand v. Grafrath S.Z. 1 (color: gray)

Hektor v. Schweben (color: gray & tan)

Mores Plieningen (color: black & tan)
Pilot III (color: black & tan)

Horand v. Grafrath S.Z. 1 (color: gray)

Thekla I v.d. Krone

  Madam von der Krone, die Altere


Pilot was to be the fountain head of the 'Boll' lines which followed later in breed history.  Both his litter brother Beowulf and Pilot were sources of the brindle gene and Pilot, though longer than most of the dogs of that time, was faulty in shoulder assembly and in feet."

~Author Unknown 

"Looking at pictures of Beowolf 10 and Pilot 111 it is seen that both have good feet, rather upright pasterns and well angled shoulder assemblies. Their heads are much the same as at present but the nobility had not yet developed. Both look high in the rear with a hollow back. They probably had good front reach within the capacity of those rears to drive the whole body forward

My guess, based on observance of other breeds in transition, is that they lifted their hind legs as they pushed forward with an awkward drive and follow through. This is characteristic of animals that are insufficient in rear bone length. They are unable to put together much rear push. From a straight on position they probably would move clean with neither front nor rear throwing anything out of the straight line of the columns of bone. This was the time of Von Stephanitz the cavalry officer, who was used to sound horses"

Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History