Ch. Peddacre's Mr. Moses

Ch. Peddacre's Mr. Moses

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Ch. Cobert's Windsong ROM
Ch. Peddacre's Mr. Moses

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GSDC OF Baton Rouge --- November 3rd, 1984 --- Best of Breed

" .. a well formed masculine male of dark pigmentation. He has a good head and ear set and is appealing when posed. In motion he is coordinated and extends well but displayed a slight give in mid-piece that was not apparent to me at a previous judging."

~ Ed Barritt

January 1985---Best of Breed

"A masculine, medium size, very dark black and tan of good proportions.  Head masculine, ear set good, eyes dark.  In motion he showed good coordination and extends well in front.  His back and topline look good coming and going he is firm.  Prefer bit more curve of stifle but overall very nice."

-Ed Barritt

July 1986---Best of Breed

"Beautiful pigmented male.  Truly masculine, medium sized.  Good coming and going with a fine shoulder opening."

-Sam Lawrence