Ch. Patja's Willie Stargell

Ch. Patja's Willie Stargell

Breeder: P. Keller
Owner: J. & P. Keller
DOB: December 7th, 1982



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Ch. Patja's Willie Stargell

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GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Select #8

"An exquisitely pigmented black and red male of very nice type. He has an attractive head, a good neck and a beautiful forechest. He is a bit long in back but has a very well angulated hindquarter. His gait is outreaching but he does not have quite as strong a topline in motion as I would like to see. I think some readwork would help this handsome fellow."

-Connie Beckhardt

GSDC of Long Island --- May 3rd, 1986 ---Best of Breed

"A very handsome male presented in top condition and full coat.  Excellent bone and substance and carries himself well.  A very good head with one of the kindest, sweetest expressions.  Beautiful feet and pasterns, sound, not overly extreme but well balanced and pleasing to the eye.  Excellent mid-oiece and good strong back, a nice easy ground covering side gait."

-Terry Miles