V Pass von Starrenburg SchH III

V Pass von Starrenburg SchH III
DOB: October 8th 1935

Donar v. Zuchtgut HGH (Klodo son)

Bodo v.d. Brahmenau HGH Zpr

Fanny v Neuerburg PH
V Pass von Starrenburg SchH III
  Curt V. Herzog Hedan SchH

Irma v.d. Starrenburg

Othilde v.d. Starrenburg (Harras daughter)

"Pass was a superior working dog with superior working animals behind him. Look at all the herding and PH dogs on both sides. He also had SchH 111 in 1939 and was a Meldhund Dog 1, which was a messenger dog for the armed forces. Aside from the Klodo concentration we have Sieger Erich von Glockenbrink through his great herding son Harras and Sieger 19 Dolf von Dusternbrook. All indications are that Pass was a worthy breed specimen but he did not have time to be going to dog shows. He did play his part as a breeder though in the background of the next generation greats.

He was born October 8th 1935, out of Select bitch, Irma von Starrenburg. It was one of the first Select Classes. The Germans called it Auslese Class or Select. She was bred like many Stolzenfels dogs including Odin von Stolzenfels, with other lines back to Erich von Grafenwerth. To produce Pass, Irma was bred to the herding dog Bodo von der Brahmenau HGH Zpr, who was by Donar von Zuchtgut HGH. This dog was bred from working lines."

~Garret Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History

  • Esta Preussenblut SchH 111 FH