Paladin Polaris Nike Clayfield


Paladin Polaris Nike Clayfield

Breeder/Owner: Gloria Rice & Sharlonna McGaha 

Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black
Ch Nike Clayfield Casanova HT CGC TC
Ch. Nike Clayfield First Love ROM, HIC
Paladin Polaris Nike Clayfield
Ch. Jerichoís Tioga of Castlehill HT
Ch Paladin Amelia Earhart Castlehill HT PT HCT JHD TC
Castlehillís Camembert HS Hrd-II Htd

GSDC of San Diego County, Inc. --- March 26th, 2006 --- Winners Dog

"From Am. Bred, handled by a Junior, (someone please refresh my memory for her name) this dog was shown just the way I like it.....loose lead all the way. No hiding faults, no tricks. He is a beautiful red sable male. He has a smooth, easy, ground-covering gait. This is because he is balanced. He has a nice length and angle of croup, so he gets "under himself" very well. If I would change him, he would have a heavier head and darker eye. So what? The sheep don't care about stuff like that."

~ Jamie Walker