Ch. Oscarhaus Baccarat

Ch. Oscarhaus Baccarat

Breeders/Owners: Pat and Fred Sharp
DOB: November 27th, 1983

  Ch. Zeto of Fran-Jo ROM

Kismet's Kantrell

Kismet's Rhumba ROM
Ch. Oscarhaus Baccarat

Ch. Hy-Hope's Sundown of Piper Hill

Lady Candace v. Schoenback ROM

Von Singer's Charlies Angel

GSDC of Greater Washington DC --- August 15th, 1987 ---Best Opposite Sex

"A handsome dog good pigment, moved with good coordination.  Kept a beautiful picture at all times, never missed a step.  A beautiful type. This was a good class of five Specials."

-Peggy Lee