1933 Sieger
Odin v. Stolzenfels Z.Pr

Odin v. Stolzenfels Z.Pr
SZ# 406023
Breeder:  J. Breitbach; Oberlahnstein
Born: April 7th, 1930

1925 Sgr. Klodo v. Boxberg

V Curt v. Haerzog-Hedan SchH

Bärbel von der Halskappe PH

Odin v. Stolzenfels Z.Pr

Mohr v Secretainerie SchH I

V Bella v. Jagdschloss Platte ZPr

Vora v Stolzenfels

Most Important Progeny:

"Like his sire Odin gave long coats but his influence was mainly for good.  It s a pity that Klodo 'blood' was not widely spread via Odin and not simply Utz v Haus Schutting because this might have helped to correct such serious faults as short forelegs.  Odin, like his father, went to Japan, doubtless to undo the damage of the two previous Siegers.  Little of his 'blood' reached Britain."

~Author Unknown 

"In an effort to diminish the Utz influence without losing the general type that he had given them, a lot of German breeders were going to Odin von Stolzenfels. Progeny numbers were no longer available from this point. Of course he was also the Sieger which would have given him more popularity. He not only was not warned against using with the Utz lines but did not exhibit the same problems, it was a natural. They did not let this one get away. He showed a lot of the Jungtell good things. Short strong backs, good rear angulation, good heads and strong sound temperament were his contribution.

"...inbred Odin Stolzenfels line, and with it, size was not a factor. Both the latter combinations fit into North American new foundations. With the inbred Stolzenfels came extreme rear angulation. These rears were too extreme for Germany but were welcome in North America"

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History