Ch. Nike Clayfield's Casanove HT

Ch. Nike Clayfield's Casanove HT


Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace ROM

Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black

Utopia's Sig Alert ROM
Ch. Nike Clayfield's Casanove HT

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM

Ch. Nike Clayfield First Love ROM, HIC

Ch. Nike Clayfield's Lady Love ROM

GSDC of Long Beach --- April 5th, 2003 --- Best Opposite Sex

"A hard, dry medium-sized light sable male. Sound coming and going. Excellent side gait. Iron back and good croup. Finished well behind. Kept his feet close to the ground Good feet and strong pasterns. Often when you see a dog as short coupled as this dog, they give up some side gait. Not this one - he lost to the bitch on pure beauty."

~ Fred Migliore