Ch. Nike-Clayfield Lone Star ROM

Ch. Nike-Clayfield Lone Star ROM
OFA GS-21780G33M
Breeders/Owners: Sharon Earl & Angie Stegner
DOB: August 22nd, 1985

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Ch. Nike-Clayfield Lone Star ROM

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Clayfield Devon v Hausmekon ROM

GSDC of America---1986---12 to 18 Dogs

"A tall slightly rangy black and tan who will be quite impressive when mature.  Good head, dark eyes, good back and topline.  He takes a long stride and has good coordination but pulls too hard at times, distorting his movement.  When he controls his speed he is quite fluid.  Needs to tighten up."

-Ed Barritt

GSDC of Long Island --- 1987---Winners Dog

"..this large, black and creme, year and a half old male has an outstanding side gait with one of the best shoulders.  Not yet consistent, polished showman, and on this day out of coat. As he matures and bring all these aspects together, I predict few spectators will be able to take their eyes off him as he gaits around a large ring. It is my understnading that this win not only finished this dog (I also started him with a four-point major from the 6-9 month class) but also gave his sire, Adam, his ROM."

-Kathy Casteel

October 1988---Best of Breed

"There's not much left to say about this big guy that I haven't already said.  I started him off with a four point major at six months of age and gave him his last points to finish.  I also gave him Best in Maturity.  He is a large dog with good back and outstanding shoulder.  He drives well underneath has fantastic reach and suspends with a lovely ground covering gait."

-Kathy Casteel

1991 Register of Merit Sire


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