V Nestor vom Wiegerfelsen

V Nestor vom Wiegerfelsen SchH3/MH2/SH Kkl 1
SZ  462245
DOB: March 25, 1934

V Arno von der Friedhofsmauer

V Damm vom Sandhügel

Arnhild von der Wolfszahl
V Nestor vom Wiegerfelsen SchHIII MHII SH Kkl 1

Anny vom Wiegerfelsen

V Asta von der neuen Pforte
Saga vom Peter Nickel

Type: Medium size, strong, dry and firm type with strong pigmentation and a good stance with good secondary sex characteristics and general good overall proportions. Trotter build and structure. Strong, substantial, stretched, medium size deep set male with good even chest proportions. Beautiful appearance, good character and temperament, Good structure / build, very good ground covering gait, who has been very valuable to the breed. Temperament: Live, awakened character. Lively aware, good natured, bold and daring, fearless, solid nerves, and firm in the temperament. Shown in a good state of condition and health. Recommended for females of medium size.

Note: Not suitable for large females with Nores-Horst Blood.

"Nestor was 63 centimeters high, about 25 inches. Nestor was born on March 25 1934 and was not Koered until 1937. After the war the Germans rebuilt their breed around such working animals that had proven their worth."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History


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