1962 German Sieger
Mutz a.d.Kuckstrass SchH III Kkl 1

1962 Sgr. Mutz a.d.Kuckstrass
SZ# 958988
Breeder:  F. Hesse; Hannover-Seelhorst
Owner Erich Franke
Born: April 19th, 1958

Arko vd Delog SchH III

1958 Sgr. Condor v Hohenstamm SchH III FH

Asta v.d. Jakobsleiter SchH II
1962 Sgr. Mutz a.d.Kuckstrass

Conny v Haus Gezie SchH III

Mori v Gieser Waldchen SchH I

Hella v Oldenburger Land

Koer Report---September 4th, 1960

"Linebreeding: Trutz Schwanenstadt (5-5), Nestor Weigerfelsen (5-5).  Medium-sized, strong male with very good angulation and beautiful lines, very good proportions, fluid gait from a solid back, lively expression, confident.  Courage and defense reactions are pronounced.  Lively, alert, good natured, fearless.  Trotter-structure, strong, heavy substantial.  Good depth, good appearance standing.  Height 25.0 inches, weight 91 pounds.  Color: Black and tan.  Strong head, scissors bite, healthy and strong teeth.  Evaluation in motion: trotter, feathery and fleeting gait, very good reach.  Elbows good, pastern of sufficient strength, strong hocks, effective drive.  Behavior in traffic good, not gun-shy."

1962 SV Show --- Dusseldorf Germany --- VA #1

Type: Medium size, powerful male with a beautiful outline and back movement. The general overall angulations are very good. The fore quarter ligaments should be firmer. Temperament: Lively expression, sound and confident. The courage and fighting drive are pronounced.


"Mutz  was disparaged by N. Elliott (1968) who considers him to have been shy in his youth, but I can find no trace of this in German records available to me.  It is, however, true that he lacked the angulation of shoulder and stifle of other imports and, at least in shoulder was vastly inferior to his father.

Mutz was a very controversial dog and an even more controversial stud prospect.  I have heard it said that he produced so many recessives that it is no surprise that breeders in Britain did not use him.  N. Elliott (1968) perpetuates the myth with her comment that he was used on 'some pretty good bitches' and appears to have sired little of note.  In fact Mutz had only 55 British litters and although some were from well-bred bitches many were to quite unsuitable mats.  Mutz had produced cryptorchids, long coats and ear troubles in Germany and doubtless he produced his share in Britain along with poor character though I doubt if all this could be laid at his door.  What he did possess was an outstanding gait that many British breeders would not appreciate.  There are, for example, some who consider it a defect for the hind feet to overlap the front and Mutz certainly did that.  My main criticism is that Mutz did not help shoulders despite the good shoulders behind him but those who used him and have, and his breeding did not have, this trait and that should have been apparent to anyone who took the trouble to check.  In Germany Mutz produced three VA bitches and was successfully assimilated into breeding programmes."

~Author Unknown

"Mutz  was the sire of the 1964 Siegerin Blanka v Kisskamp.  His progeny were generally showy and flashy in color and markings, some not quite perfect in front assembly, with often a slightly pinched expression through the eyes.  A few exhibit rather high energy."

~Capt WM Goldbecker & Ernest Hart
From "This is the German Shepherd"


  • 1964 Sgrn VA Blanka vom Kisskamp
  • Rina vom Riedkanal
  • Amsel vom Haus Marina
  • Dixi vom Stadtwaldchen
  • Falk vom Steveufer
  • Heiko von der Beckumer Werse
  • V Karin vom Vierrohrenbrunnen
  • Kosack vom Vierrohrenbrunnen
  • V Natja vom Vierrohrenbrunnen
  • Arno vom Iltener Waldchen
  • Astrid von Burg Wilbringen
  • Carla von Webers Eck
  • Mutz vom Schweigerts Eck
  • Ira von der Beckumer Werse
  • Freia vom Konigsberger Wapper
  • Lessi vom Busecker Schloss
  • V Gisa von Godewind
  • Gunda von Godewind
  • Wacker Grubenstolz
  • V Terra von der Schinkergrenze

  • Queck von der Felsenwehr
  • Hanko vom Elbbachtal
  • V Gundo vom Preussentor
  • Gauner von der Dreikonigengruft
  • Ajax von Stammbergs-Tannen
  • Kauz von der Flutmulde
  • Bella vom Qelben Bach
  • V Alf vom Haus STtrickmann
  • Dina von der Pferdenheide
  • V Falk vom Eningsfeld
  • Frei vom Eningsfeld
  • Frigga vom Eningsfeld
  • Heike vom Eningsfeld
  • Mutz vom Eningsfeld
  • Betty zu den Dreizehn Buchen
  • VA Biene zu den Dreizehn Buchen
  • V Billa zu den Dreizehn Buchen
  • Bodo zu den Dreiehn Buchen
  • Gero vom Preussentor