Moonshine's Kahlua

Moonshine's Kahlua

Ch. Sunny Bee's Enoch of Delray

Ch. Sea Fogg's Rum Runner

Sea Fogg's Bayberry

Moonshine's Kahlua

Delrick's Shogo of Sunny Bea CD

Brandy Alexandra of Sunny Bee CD

Penny of Sunny Bee


April 1982---Winners Dog

"Inherited all his sire's great masculinity and stallion qualities.  Medium height at the withers, solid black and heavy muscled.  Correct proportions.  His width in his exceptional forquarter and broad hindquarter short back, and loin.  Great masculine head.  Dark, well placed eyes, alert, kind expression.  Fore legs good, feet thick and well arched.  Not a great ground coverer but uses himself well and doesn't waste motion"

-Barbara Williams