Ch. McCoy's Casey

Ch. McCoy's Casey

Breeder/Owner: Il & C.D. Grimes 

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM
Ch. Gorlin's Hezekiah of Ky-Rhett*
Goirlin's Kallee
Ch. McCoy's Casey
Ch Gorlin's Hezekiah of Ky-Rhett*
Ky-Rhett's Raenne of Gorlin
Gorlin's Nancey

GSDC of San Antonio --- 1983 --- Winners Dog

"A young sypey sable. Not yet fully matured. He moves with feline grace. Lovely, correct opening of shoulder, beautiful under drive. A very slight springiness of back at a certain gait due only to lack of perfect conditioning. He covered ground with great efficiency, was rue coming and going. A very correct croup and length of stifle added to his beauty when observed on pose."

~ Joseph Poepping

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