Ch. Marsharlland's Chapparal

Ch. Marsharlland's Chapparal

Breeders: J Thomas
Owner - T Tower

Manlan of Fran Jo

Ch. Donelhaus Kojak

Donelhaus Tiffany
Ch. Marsharlland's Chapparal

Ch. Bel-Vista's Joey Baby ROM

Marshalland's Just A Kiss ROM

  Trodheim's Electra


August 1979---Winners Dog

"Medium size black and tan with good coupling, excellent extension in the front, coordinated easy mover both on loose and tight lead.  Excellent temperament.  Won on his fluid movement."

-C. Mardecz

GSDC of America---1981---Select #9

"Medium size, excellent shoulder, strong back with sweeping rear angulation and a very nice short hock.  Very good topline marred only by a little high tail set.  Stallion male with strong sex characteristics and head.  Dark eyes, good ears.  Plenty of bone, substance and depth of body.  Easy moving dog with good rear drive, nice movement through his back and very nice opening of the shoulder (excellent).  Not as consistant in his movement and not the same willingness to gait as the Selects before him.  A little softness in pasterns and reasonably good coming and going."

-Ralph Roberts