Ch. Marquis v. Cypress

Ch. Marquis v. Cypress

Breeder: T. & M. Castriota
Owner: N. Sasso & E. Rymsa
November 6, 1983

Ch. Carmils Omari ROM

Detroit v. Cypress

Ch. Lina vom Cypress
Marquis v. Cypress

1980 GV Ch. Aspen of Fran-Jo ROM

Neandria v. Cypress ROM

Ch. Valfor's Ilisa V Cypress ROM

Delaware Valley GSDC---April 7th, 1985---Winners Dog

"A very handsome stallion like dark sable with a beautiful head and body outline. This dog possesses good bone and is very elegant and beautiful to the eye. He is an outreaching fluid mover looking good at any speed while carrying a firm topline. He is nicely angulated yet balanced. He is clean coming and going. He has gorgeous type and good temperament."

-Meredith Johnson-Snyder

Mohawk-Hudson GSDC---April 21st, 1985---Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"This is a medium to large dark gray sable, with good secondary sex characteristics, and a strong side mover, clean coming and going. He was in excellent condition, and handled to perfection. As is often quoted, he was not to be denied on this day"

-Dr. John W. King

September 1985---Winners Dog

"A large sable male with strong temperament and pigment and good proportions, average croup, average upper arm and scapula.  In forequarter: with an angle of greater than 90%.  In hindquarter: angle was greater than 90%, pasterns were straight.  Dentition: correct scissor bite, strong teeth, and none missing.  Structure: in motion clean coming and going, excellent side hindquarter and forequarter with a firm overline."

-Carmen Battaglia

September 1985---Winners Dog

"A large dark gray sable with good secondary sex characteristics.  A strong side mover, clean coming and going.  In excellent conditioned and handled to perfection."

-John King

April 1986---Best of Breed

"Medium to large, gray sable male.  Nicely formed showing an excellent topline and firm back.  He takes a good stroke with his hindquarter coordinating well in motion.  Although prefer a bit more forehand.  Overall a pleasing dog with a strong head, dark eyes and good color."

-Ed Barritt


The Greater Suffolk GSDC --- April 4th, 1987 --- Best of Breed

".. a large dark sable, balanced in motion, and clean coming and going. I had judged this dog before, and had given him a four point major; however, at this particular show he was not quite as consistent as I had observed on my prior judging of him; however, he observed the breed."

~ John W. King

GSDC of Long Island --- May 2nd, 1987 --- Best of Breed

"... a very large, masculine, very strikingly, richly pigmented sable who is only two. He also is a very powerful dog with a beautiful side gait. He possessed "star" attitude this day."

~ Kathy Edwards Casteel, Esq

August 1987---Best of Breed

"Large, dark sable balanced in motion and clean coming and going.  Not quite as consistant as when previously judged."

-John King