Ch. Mario Lanza v. Fuerstenberg

Ch. Mario Lanza v. Fuerstenberg
Breeders: H. Landau & C.A. Chester
Owners: J.H. & S. Bemont
DOB: May 17, 1982

Quint of Shiloh Gardens

Ch. Prime Time of Billo ROM

Ch. Waldesruh's Gay Debut v Billo ROM
Ch. Mario Lanza v. Fuerstenberg

Ch. Imperial's Anchor of Kovaya

Bela von Fuerstenberg ROM

Beatrix von Fuerstenberg

GSDC of Austin---September 15th, 1985---Best of Breed

"A large richly pigmented male of excellent nobility and breed type. Overline was excellent with a very high wither and strong middle piece and good croup. Forehand angulation was excellent, hingquarter angulation was excellent. Underline was excellent. Long bones were straight, feet and pasterns were good. In gait, he was clean coming and going with a powerful, balanced, outreaching, driving sidegait. If I could wish for thing, I would like the muzzle of the dog to be stronger. Overall--an excellent animal."

-Morton Goldfarb

GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Select #6

"A large, very dark pigmented black and tan male with a nice head. He could be a bit longer in neck but he has a very good back and a slightly steep croup. His forehand is excellent and his hindquarter very well angulated. He has a very easy ground covering gait and is clean both coming and going. He showed a great desire to perform and never let down."

-Connie Beckhardt

1988---Best of Breed

"He has a lovely dark pigmentation, alert, masculine expression and ground covering gait, true from the side as well as coming and going."

-C. McKenna