1943 Grand Victor
Ch. Major of No

1943 GV Ch. Major of Northmere

Breeder: Mr. Alex Gooderham of Toronto
Owners: George Jerman of Oakmere Kennels, St. Davids, Ont. Canada.
February 5th, 1941 ~ July 11, 1949

1937 & 1938 GV Ch. Pfeffer v Bern
  (Can. Ch.) Anthony of Northmere
  (Can Ch.) FTSD. Gai Cherie of Northmere CD
1943 GV Ch. Major of Northmere
  1937 & 1938 GV Ch. Pfeffer v Bern
  (Can. Ch.) Torga v. Hoheluft
    Traute von Bern

GSDC of America---1942---Winners Dog & Grand Victor

"In the Specials Class, dogs that had previously won at big shows, backed off when (temperament) tested and were eliminated from competition. The only dog to stand his ground was the Winners Dog, a Canadian dog; a Canadian Champion grandson of Pfeffer. "

This dog was called Major of Northmere, bred by Alex Gooderham. On the mother side Field Trial Champion Gai Cherie of Northmere was the combination of Hettal of Bodman and the Fortunate Fields working stock. Major was the only Canadian Bred and owned dog ever to win the American Grand Victor title to that point. As such he took the Von Stephanitz trophy home to Canada. An American dog had to win the Canadian Grand Victor title, which was done the next year, in order to bring the trophy back to the United States. That dog was also a Pfeffer grandson. The trophy has not left the United States since. "

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History


"The Northmere Kennel name belonged to Alex Gooderham, of Gooderham and Worts distillery in Toronto. It's thought that Gooderham and Worts once distilled Canadian Club Rye. Mr. Gooderham owned a 100 acre farm called "Manor Farms" right on Lake Ontario, in Oakville Ont. The members of the G.S.D.C. of Canada often congretated there to train. There were even stories of rescue work training done on the waterfront. Mr. Gooderham was a CKC Judge and he was also very kind man. There are letters from quite a few dog people serving overseas with the Canadian Forces (WWII) thanking him for cigarettes, etc. One of those recipients was my father, who wrote his thanks from Italy, where he was fighting. Although I've driven the lakeshore many times I never did manage to find a stone piller with "Manor Farm" on it. But I do have a picture of Alex Gooderham and he looks a jolly, cheerful gentleman."

~ Anne Auclair

1946 GV Ch. Dex of Talladega
Ch. Judy of Donview
(Can Ch.) Margo of Cosalta