Mordor's Cologne TC, CGC, ROM

Mordor's Cologne TC, CGC, ROM
OFA GS-17808-T H&E
Breeder/Owner: Lew E Wurdeman
Born: September 14, 1982

GV Ch. Aspen of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Stonekroft's Laser

Ch Winaki's Libra of Sonderhaus TT, ROM
Mordor's Cologne TC, CGC, ROM

Ch. Brimhall's Spindrift

Rimfire Paprika v Kubistraum

  Falina v Meredith  ROM

1990 Register of Merit Dam

Ch. Mordon's Electra TC
Ch. Mordor's El Paso TC, TT
Ch. Mordor's Escape From the Sun
Ch. Mordor's Fancy Pants CD
Ch. Mordor's Hyperion at Rivaden
Ch. Mordor's Hercules TC
Ch. Mordor's Fifth Avenue Girl

1998 Red Book Report

"This past year was sad for Mordor Kennels.  We started the year with four dogs, ended with two.

When I was writing the article for the 1997 Red Book, Cologne was by my side and in good health.  Three weeks later, three weeks before her sixteenth birthday, she died a peaceful death of old age, over 100 in human years.

My thanks to Gail Sprock for urging me to take Cologne's Picture and work on her article for the Review.  

The advance copy of the August Review with Cologne's article in it arrived on what would have been her 16th birthday.  This is Cologne's seventh appearance in the Red Book.

The other death this past year was Ch. El Paso from her first litter.  El Paso (and Electra) had just celebrated their 12th birthday and membership in the THIRTEEN CLUB last year.  El Paso died in February, just before his 13th birthday.

Litter mate Electra is still alive and well and went for a swim with me today.  Not to be outdone, younger brother Ch. Hercules decided to go for a swim too... they sure love the new pool.

The longevity and good health of Cologne's litters will be her hallmark."

~Breeder/Owner Lew E Wurdeman

  Denotes a member of the 13-Club