2005/06 Select Excellent

Ch. Marquis' Here I Am v Surgio RN, TC

2x Select Ch. Marquis' Here I Am v Surgio
GS-73878G24F-PI EL18974F24-PI
Breeder: Paul Johnson & Doug Oster
Owner:  Susan & Nancy Godek

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2x Select Ch. Marquis' Here I Am v Surgio
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GSDC of Southern Arizona, Inc. --- Sunday, March 20, 2005 --- 9 - 12 Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy & Winners Bitch

"This bitch has the perfect name for when she hits the ring it is Here I Am, let’s rock. She is just a lovely, lovely bitch who moves with such ease it is truly as though she is floating, fully extending shoulder, opening hocks with the transmission coming through her iron back. Add desire, attitude and a wonderful happy outlook and you can understand why she earned this major today. Breeders and owners, be very proud and excited about this future star. "

~ Lew Bunch


GSDC of America --- November 1st, 2005 --- Best In Futurity

"This bitch is outstanding. A beautiful black and reddish tan with a short back, beautiful expression and strong ears. On top of this, she is a great side mover. I gave her Best In Futurity on her stronger ligaments and shorter back."

~ Barbara Amidon


GSDC of America --- November 3rd, 2005 --- Amercian Bred Bitch

"This queen of perfection came from a drop dead gorgeous class of bitches all of whom could be winners on a given day. Today however it was Marquis' Here I Am v Surigo's day! A black and tan bitch of excellent proportions, she was shown in excellent condition, was harmonious in gait and true to her standard. She exhibited an effortless expression of correct motion, all the while keeping her feet close to the ground. There were no wasted steps; the longer she went, the smoother and stronger she became. An excellent firm topline with a ground shoulder and forehand were hers for all too savor. She has wonderful secondary sex characteristics, with a lovely dark eye and excellent temperament, topped off with heart and presence. All in all a beautiful package in harmony with the standard and a song in her heart. Magnificent. This entire class was outstanding with the placing bitches superb... as I said at the Nationals these girls were more than a breath of fresh air, they are air, an over-the-top class."

~ Debra Ann Hokannen

GSDC of America --- November 3rd, 2005 --- Winners Bitch

"Marquis Here I Am v Surigo, is a very correct bitch with good pigment, clean at both ends, strong back and very good transmission from her rear to front with balanced movement. She was very consistent throughout."

~ Mr. Ken Downing


GSDC of America --- November 5th, 2005 --- Select #10

~ Mr. Ken Downing


GSDC of Canada --- September 2006 --- BIM/Maturity Victrix

"Very pretty medium size feminine bitch. Pretty head and nice ear set. Strong back and topline. Excellent shoulder and rear to go with it. This bitch looks great as any speed but moderate and loose lead is best. When she is on a loose lead and opens up at both ends you can see all four feet off the ground. Beautiful suspension. She does it so easy and covers so much ground with few steps. It was a pleasure to judge this bitch."

~ Lee Brown


GSDC of America --- October 21st, 2006 --- Select #6

"With many top wins to her credit this bitch is exceptional in motion. I believe with a year or two more maturity, she may be unbeatable."

~ Helen Franklin


2006 Award of Excellent Winner