Ch. Mari-Fiori's Ruffian of Judeen HIC

Ch. Mari-Fiori's RuffIan of Judeen HIC
OFA GS-32780G25F-T EL1769-T
Breeders - M Wilkinson & Judy Deane
Owners - Marilee Wilkinson & J Deane & M Gilmore
September 13th, 1990 ~ February 26th, 2001

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Ch. Mari-Fiori's RuffIan of Judeen HIC
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Mari-Fiori's Ciara of Judeen
Niki v Schudy's

GSDC of America --- 1993 --- American Bred Bitch

"this is a beautiful, solid black bitch, typey, long-striding animal presenting a beautiful picture. A slight cast over the back, but a real crowd pleaser. Blacks are very popular now and a good one is appreciated."

~ Barbara Amidon

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