Ch. Maplewild Hill's Collette

Ch. Maplewild Hill's Collette
Breeders: Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Hill
Owners: M.J. Burdeef & Mrs. J.C. Hill

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM
  1972 GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM

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Ch. Maplewild Hill's Collette

Ch. Highlight's Zapata CD

Tessandra of Maplewild Hill

Letitia of Maplewild Hill


GSDC of America --- 1976 --- 2nd Open Bitch

"Second place ribbon was awarded to Maplewild Hill's Collette, a beautiful and well-angulated short coupled black and tan bitch. Like the first place bitch, she displayed the effortless ability to cover ground at all speeds for long periods of time without showing any sign of physical weakness. Her alertness and overall showmanship ranked her almost even with the first place bitch. Her ability to set up made her truly a picture to the standard of the breed. The deciding factor in placing her second to the first place bitch was that she did not show me on that day, the 100% outgoing qualities of character and temperament that were displayed by my first place bitch. In placing this bitch second in this quality class, I look to this bitch to be one of the top bitches in the country in the weeks and months to come."

~ Jack Ogren

GSDC of America --- 1976 --- Reserve Winners Bitch

"The reserve winners bitch award was given to my second place Open Bitch Class, Maplewild Hill's Collete. She again displayed all of the attributes of her superior conformation with her ability to move and work with effortless agility that earned her the second place open class ribbon ahead of some of the best young bitches in the country."

~ Jack Ogren


GSDC of America---1978---Select #8

"A medium to large black and tan of pleasing outline but a bit squarer in proportions. Her angulation both front and rear is adequate without being overdone. She is a strong mover and looks better fast than slow. Her ligamentation could be better, and at times she pulls too hard which distorts her outline. When she settles down, she is outreaching and shows good coordination."

~ Ed Barritt

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