Ch. Kubistraum Dapper Dan

Ch. Kubistraum Dapper Dan


Ch. Kubistraum's Aladdin

Ch. Kinni-V Oz V Kulbistraum ROM, TC

Kubistraum's Heidi v. Stejan
Ch. Kubistraum Dapper Dan

Kubistraum's Leo CD, HC, TC, CGC

Kubistraum Taffeta ROM, HS, TC, CGC

Kubistraum's Wish Upon A Star


GSDC of Flint---May 30th, 1998---Winners Dog

"A Stallion black & tan male says it all for his looks, good bite, ears and good male head. He has good temperament. This dog moved around the ring easily and effortless covering a good amount of ground. I would I like to see just a bit more front extension but a dog of excellent quality. He also won on Sunday and now needs 3 minor points to finish. His owner told me he got 12 points in 3 shows in 2 weekends. Not bad at all."

-Lee Brown