V Klodo a.d. Eremitenklause

V-Klodo a.d. Eremitenklause SchH III ROM

Born: February 15th, 1959

Cito v. Coburger Land SchH II

Arras v. Adam-Riesezwinder SchH III

Ella a.d. Eremiten Klause SchH I
V-Klodo a.d. Eremitenklause SchH III ROM

Iwo v. Johanneshauch SchH I

Halla a.d. Eremitenklause SchH III

  Freia a.d. Eremitenklause SchH I

Koer Report---September 10th, 1961

"Linebreeding: Illa Haunstetten (3-3).  A medium sized long male, with very good appearance and very good lines.  He has strong, dry bones, very good angulations, and pronounced chest formation.  He has a strong back and good reach.  He is presented in very good condition.  Self-confident, with a pronounced defense reaction.  He is alert, good natured, ad fearless.  Height 25 inches, weight 92 pounds.  Color: Black with tan markings.  Strong head, jaws satisfactory, teeth and bite healthy and strong.  Particularly praiseworthy: correct angulations and harmonious general structure.  Breeding advice: Not suitable for bitches with weak lower jaw.  Especially recommended for bitches with only moderate front and rear angulation.  V-9 in 1962"

"The breeding that produced the famous "K" litter Eremitenklause was repeated time and time again and with marked success almost every time. Arras also sire good stock out of other bitches, but seemed to have "nicked" beautifully with Hally. This breeding was open and valuable because it was free of names found too frequently in German pedigrees. "K" litter studs proved to be successful sires, giving nice type, good backs, and excellent temperament to their progeny. From this line also came good balance, dry working type, good size and nice hindquarters, lack of massiveness in male heads, occasional ear trouble and a lack of perfection in shoulder angulation."

-Capt. WM Goldbecker & Ernest H. Hart
Co-Authors of This is the German Shepherd


"A mature, deep bodied, black and reddish tan, with a heavy coat and massive bone. He was above medium in size, and had a full set of teeth. He appeared cumbersome standing, but handled himself well in motion. His gait, both front and rear, was sound and true, and in profile his stride was full and coordinated"

~Author unknown

1967 Register of Merit Sire

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