1949 & 1950 Grand Victor

 Ch. Kirk of San Miguel

1949 & 1950 GV Ch. Kirk of San Miguel
Breeder/Owner/Handler: Marie J. Leary

Ch. San Miguel's Illo of Rocky Reach ROM

Ch. San Miguel's Baron of Afbor UD ROM

Afra of Pangamor

1949 & 1950 GV Ch. Kirk of San Miguel

Quast v Winnfeld 

Ch. Judy of San Miguel ROM

Anne of San Miguel CD

 GSDC of America --- October 9th, 1949 --- Open Dog, Winners Dog & Grand Victor

"Whether true or not true and it is so long ago that we could never be sure, there is a story. When they finally got around to finishing the dog show in one of those years, it was quite dark. Kirk by the way was an all black. It is said that they used a flash camera to take his picture. Now whether it was because of numerous attempts because of his color or what it is said that he kept shying from the camera flash. Maybe it is why the pictures of him are never from the show.

In any case he was a beautiful dog but he is seldom seen in pedigrees that went on from that point."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History