Ch Kinni v Oz v Kubistraum TC, ROM

Ch Kinni v Oz v Kubistraum TC, ROM

Breeders - Verna Kubik & Bev Ogilvie
Owner: Vera Kubik

Scherzar's Dynasty (Dakota x Nefertiti)

Ch. Kubistraum's Aladdin

Ch. Kubistraum's Caprice ROM
Ch Kinni v Oz v Kubistraum TC, ROM

Kubistraum's Nacho ( Lothario x Caprice)

Kubistraum's Heidi v. Stejan

Kubistraum's Onyx

GSDC of America --- 1992 --- Novice Dog

 "Dark bi-color. A masculine, substantial, big boned, short hocked dog that moved with head down, extending all the way, front and rear. Prefer a darker eye. Good feet, toes in slightly going away, clean coming. Very coordinated. "

~ Richard Whalen

GSDC of America---1993---Select #6

"a large deep-bodied male, with excellent pigment. Good dark eye and masculine head. He is a strong moving dog, shows a god back in motion, clean at both ends. Every bit a male."

~ Margaret (Peggy) Douglas


GSDC of America---1994---Select #5

"a medium bicolor; nicely formed; good, overall dog---not extreme---balanced proportions but short in neck. Good mover both loose and tight. Could be a shade tighter going, drops his head at times when gaiting but maintains his topline. A very nice male."

~ Ed Barritt

1997 Register of Merit Sire

Ch.Kubistraums MS Independence CD TC ROM
Kubistraums Elbe
Ch. Kubistraum's Dapper Dandy PT TC
Jecoda Keystone Annie Murphy ROM
Jecoda-Todor Wunderkind
Kubistraum's Enchanted Eve CD, PT, HT, TC, ROM
  Ch. Keggi Fair's Jackie O ROM
Ch. Keggi Fair's Never Late
Ch Jecodaís Kipling
Jecodaís Snapdragon
Ch Kubistraumís Miss Behavin
Kubistraumís Elbe
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Kubistraumís Elbe
Ch Blitzen v Kubistraum, CD, TD
Ch Kubistraumís Cool Hard Cash, TC, HT,
PAM Jecoda's Reds Booran HXAs CDX OA OAJ
Jecoda's Snapdragon

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