Canadian Ch
Kimbo v Bisschofsheim SchHIII KKL1a"V"

Can Ch Kimbo v Bisschofsheim SCHH3 KKL1a"V"

Breeder - J Minnema
Owner - W B Fleischer
DOB: Holland 09-14-1991

VA-W SGR Zamb vd Wienerau SchHIII KKL1a LBZ
V Tony vd Wienerau SchH IIIKKL1a
Xila vd Wienerau SchH I
Can Ch Kimbo v Bisschofsheim SCHH3 KKL1a"V"
VA Fando v Sudblick SchH III UV
VA Laika v Nieuwlandshof SchH II KKL1a
Lori v Nieuwlandshof SchH I UV

GSDC of America --- 1994 --- Open Dog & Reserve Winner Dog

"The most exciting class (for the crowd, not me) was Open; the roof-raising-roar could be heard in the obedience ring two buildings away when I started pulling our my V (excellent) group in no particular order, but which started off with two or three "German" dogs (actually one from Germany, one from Czechoslovokia, and one from Holland). I was disappointed in the wide variety of type compared with Open classes in other parts of the world, but that relfects American independence, I guess. Still, I found 15 V dogs, 9 SG, and 2 barely qualifying as G because of temperament.

The Dutch dog, Can Ch Kimbo v Bisschofsheim, who coverted many a staunch anti-German in the audience (the owner's phones were ringing off the hook for weeks afterward, regarding breeding to him, and from surprising sources). He was as powerful as a freight train and looked like he could run through a wall and continue unslackened for a week. A look into this eyes convinced me he was smarter than 50% of the people in the stands (not you, the other 50%). Simply exuding character, this large, stretched dog of very good bone, tremendous maculinity and type had excellent black and red pigment. Very good overline with high withers and one of the best croups of all 700-plus animals at this "National." Good underline with prominent forechest, very hard and dry, good pasterns though toes could be just a little shorter. Somewhat cow-hocked, but the sheer excellence of other virtues made this seem insignificant. Straight in front and true coming in. Very good reach and drive, with powerful ground-covering gait and iron back. V-1. Recommended for all bitches who are fiarly clean going away; should improve heads, croups, and everything between."

~ Fred Lanting