Kerberos Shepherds' Oz


Kerberos Shepherds' Oz

Breeders - D & C Cox Owner - D Cox

Don v Rolansteich
Ch Neumann's Jim
Neumann's Frenzi
Kerberos Shepherds' Oz
Artificial Intelligence

GSDC of America --- 1994 --- Novice Dog

"(the first class in which the out-for-blood element in the stands vented their bile) a black son of Neumann's Jim. Large, very good proportions, typey, most masculine in the class with a great head and rock-solid boldness and self-assurance. Very good overline and underline with good croup. Very good feet and pasterns, very good rear angulation. Could have had more shoulder angulation, so reach could only be described as good rather than very good. True coming and going, very good drive and strong back. Won over 3rd place Indy son (another black of very good quality who had flashier sidegait) because of going away, more masculinity, and better head. Between the two was a very typey, expressive, masculine Canadian dog with very good bone and other qualities but cow-hocked action. Oz was rated SG-1."

2nd - Abraxas Wildheart
3rd - Rallyn's Jaego

~ Fred Lanting