Ch. Karagin's Kasanova

Ch. Karagin's Kasanova

Breeders: K. Taylor, V. Hovorka and L. Schowalter
Owners: Karen Taylor and Virginia Hovorka
DOB: March 15th, 1985

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Ch. Karagin's Kasanova

Ch. Karagin's Crusader ROM

Schokrest Rohan's Ms Marple

  Schokrest Agatha Christie

January 1987---Winners Dog

"Is a correct dog possessing excellent characteristics and balance.  He's true from all angles and has a firm topline, good outreaching gait and good temperament."

-Joe Poepping

October 1987---Winners Dog

"Large bi-color stallion type presented in excellent condition.  Picture standing and moving, flawless topline, clean coming and going, excellent proportions.  Strong Ligamentation and condition.  Gave the appearance that he could go all day.  Excellent specimen.  Had a missing premolar."

-Dan Smith