Kris-T''s Caliente v. DeBrut CD ROM

Kris-T's Caliente v DeBrut CD, ROM

Breeders: Chris Carter & Lori Nickeson
Owners: Lucille Cosby & Lori Nickeson


Ch. Jungerhaus Ceasar 

DeBrut's Boss Man of Westwood CDX

Jungerhaus Heather
Kris-T's Celiente v. DeBrut

Luau von Cellar Schloss

Avon C Germaine

  Utsi v Englander

1983 Register of Merit Dam

"Kris-T's Caliente v. DeBrut CD is an outcross breeding with a line to Ch. Falko v. Celler Schloss ROM.  When bred to Ch. Kubistraum's Kane she produced 3 Champion progeny plus her fourth winning offspring.

"The breeding is a line breeding on v Celler Schloss bloodlines in the fourth generation but it is not as close a line breeding as many of our winning dogs of today.  Congratulations to Lucile Cosby and Lori Nickeson for their very special achievement.."

~ Connie Beckhardt

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