Ken-Delaine's Country Jewel

Ken-Delaine's Country Jewel
Breeders/Owners:  Ken & Delaine Thomson
DOB: August 2nd, 2000

Ch. Ponca Hill's Jessie II ROM, TC

Select Ch. Gonvi-Ruklakar's Manny ROM

Ch. Mary Mary of Fran-Jo ROM
Ken-Delaine's Country Jewel

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge ROM

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Via of Basic Four

  Terri Bosette of Basic Four

GSDC of America---November 7th, 2001---12 to 18 Bitch

"Poetry in motion, always on a loose lead, would have liked to see her a little slower but she did everything so right that she could not be denied this class win."

-Lew Bunch