Ch. Ken-Delaine's Clarice

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Clarice
GS-38846F24F -EL3577F24
Breeder: Kenneth & Delaine Thomson & Betsy Carpenter
Owners: Karen Harrison & Ken & Delaine Thomson
DOB:July 28th, 1992


Ch. Ticketman of Fran-Jo ROM
  Ch. Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge ROM

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM
Ch. Ken-Delaine's Clarice

Ch. Nochee L-Sting of Towaco ROM

Bramblewood's Diedre v. Noche ROM

  Diamond Jade of Bramblewood ROM


GSDC of America---1994---Select #10

"nice, compact, moderately angulated, black and tan of balanced structure, clean, smooth, efficient mover."

~ Ed Barritt


GSDC of America---1995---Select #9

"This bitch was very consistent all day. She is not extreme but is very balanced. She is black and tan, has a dense coat and good secondary sex characteristics. She is well muscled and has withers that are higher than and sloping into a firm back. Her shoulder blades are long and near equal in length to her upper arm. In Motion she has a gait that is balanced and strong. At a full trot during the sidegaits she always maintained a firm topline."

~ Carmen Battaglia


GSDC of America---1996---Select #2

"A 2 year old bitch, medium in size, who gave the Victrix a run for the top spot. The closet competition in the Selects. Very well balanced with a very good shoulder and a matching rear; a nice, short hock, and nice feet. Good topline standing and in motion. Her strength lies in her type, balance and movement. She has a wonderful flowing gait, although not as spectacular as the Victrix. A real Quality bitch. She has her OFA for hips and elbows."

~ Ralph Roberts


GSDC of America---November 8th, 1997---Select #2

Jersey Shore German Shepherd Dog Club---October 26th, 1997---Best of Breed

"This is a bitch I have loved since the first time I saw her, where I awarded her a major. She is just a great package - small, compact beautiful back, but most of all she NEVER misses a beat. She has had a great career in both rings, and represents us ALL beautifully - 3 times Select and Best in Show, as well."

-Kathy Potter

Am/Can. Ch. First Lady of Heritage ROM
Am/Can. Ch. Windy Acres' Ami of Riverdell TC