Ch. Ken-Delaine's Carousel TC, PT, ROM

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Carousel
GS-41341F51F EL4389F51
Breeder: K & D Thomson
Owner: Lew and Nicky Bunch
DOB Jan 1 1991

Ch Jett-Land's Rambler

Ch. Ticketman of Fran-Jo ROM

Edie of Fran Jo
Ch. Ken-Delaine's Carousel

Ch Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM

  Ch Janry's Givency ROM

GSDC of America---1995---Select #7

"This was another very nice bitch that became more competitive as the judging continued. She is a black and tan with good markings and is deeply pigment. I would characterize her by saying that she is longer than tall, strong and agile with large bones and excellent secondary sex characteristics. Overall she is a strong, agile and well muscled dog. She has good proportions and depth of body. Her withers are high and they slope into a strong level back. She has correct feet which are strong and tightly articulated. Her gait is one of her strongest attributes because it is smooth and rhythmic. She lifts slightly in the rear when she gaits at a full trot."

~ Carmen Battaglia

1999 Register of Merit Dam

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