Ch. Kashay vom Cypress ROM

Ch. Kashay vom Cypress ROM

Breeders - Sandy Dancosse & Tom Castriota
Owners - Tom Castriota, Bruce Gilbert & Sandy Dancosse
1991 -- 2001

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Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear

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Ch. Kashay vom Cypress ROM

Ch Handsome vom Cypress

Sundance vom Cypress

  Ch Mastana's Ouburn v Cypress

GSDC of America---1993---Select #2

"a very typey black and red, every bit a female, with a lovely dark face and eyes. She has the longest ears I think I have every seen on a female, but they were just as strong and well-set as they needed to be. She is a good side-moving bitch and clean coming and going. I would like a little more shoulder, but otherwise a lovely bitch."

~ Margaret (Peggy) Douglas

GSDC of America---1994 ---Select # 4

"a small to medium, attractive black and tan with good coupling, strong back. Extends well and gives a consistent performance. Could be better coming."

~ Ed Barritt


GSDC of America---1996---Select #6

"A 5 1/2 year old bitch whose Select photo does not do her justice. She is typey, feminine, has good pigment, nice head, dark eye and full mouth. She is well angulated front and rear. Has good bone and substance, short hock and good underline. She pushes well and reaches well with her front. She has plenty of rear angulation without being over done. She is a sound mover. A quality bitch."

~ Ralph Roberts


GSDC of Canada---1996---Grand Victrix


1997 Register of Merit Dam

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