Ch. Kallander's Image

Ch. Kallander's Image
Breeders:  G C Rodriguez and T Opsahl
Owners - Frances J and Hugh F Williamson and Gil Rodriguez
DOB:November 28th, 1976

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Ch. Kallander's Image

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GSDCA of America --- 1977 --- 9 to 12 Puppy Bitch

"Black and tan with excellent temperament and a lovely outline. She is very animated and alert showing a beautiful picture when posed. She has good coordination in motion and is tight in ligamentation coming and going. She takes a good length of stride, and although good in back, could be a shade better in topline. When going loose, she has a tendency to run a little low in withers. A very nice overall package."

~ Ed Barritt


GSDC of America --- 1978 --- Open Bitches & Winners Bitch

"Black and gold medium size bitch. Excellent temperament, animated and untiring. Good topline. Not overly extreme in rear standing, but displayed pleasing smooth side movement. A strong and willing mover who remained steady and alert through a long class. In my opinion, a very standard bitch with good balance and very good coming and going. This win completed her Championship."

~ William Hixson


GSDC of America---1978---Maturity Victrix-Winners Bitch & Select #10

"Medium-sized, black and tan, substantial bitch of moderate angulation showing a pleasing picture when posed. She is a coordinated mover and is very animated in her performance. She has a good topline standing, but in motion her back shows a slight softness and she has a tendency to kick up when following through. She is a very alert bitch and displays a picture that is overall very pleasing. I placed her Best of Winners because at this time she was a more complete and mature package."

~Ed Barritt


Canadian Nationals---1979---Grand Victrix


GSDC of America---1979---Select #4

"Almost 3 years old, very striking bitch of beautiful type, displaying the joy of life. She is very well pigmented, slightly steep in pastern and somewhat short is croup. Her follow-through behind could be better."

~ Ernest Loeb


GSDC of America---1983---Select #5

"Beautiful type, fantastic extension, sound coming and going. Fluid easy side movement indicative of true suspension. Dark eyes, good feminine head, moderate rear. I had judged this bitch as a youngster and was thrilled to find that at 7 years of age she could move with the best of them. Her muscle tone was hard, her back firm. She was a little lacking in underrreach. In this age of Shepherds dying at 4-5 years of age, it's particularly exciting to find a brood bitch in this great condition and moving with true ease."

~ Helen Miller Fisher