Ch. Juvanko's Nemo

Ch. Juvanko's Nemo
Breeder/Owner: G N and J I Van Dyke

V-Dick v Backerkamp SchH III FH

Ch. Vox Wikingerblut ROM

Centa v Backerkamp SchHI
Ch. Juvanko's Nemo

Prunk v Schloss Oeding SchH III FH (Troll son)

Juvanko's Debrina

  Juvanko's Ballerina (Ulk x Debbie)

GSDC of Southern Arizona --- November 25th, 1967--- 9 to 12 Puppy Dog & Best Puppy

"A large, well built black and tan male took the honors. Nemo went on to carry away Best Puppy honors."

~ John F. Neff


GSDC of America---1968---Futurity Victor


GSDC of America---November 29, 1969---Select #5

My second place in Maturity ~~ "Ch Juvanko's Nemo". A large dog of great quality was placed 2nd to the Maturity winner Mannix of Fran Jo only on firmness of back."

Robert A. Denton