Ch. Jolyn's Barnstormer CD ROM

Ch. Jolyn's Barnstormer CD ROM
OFA GS-13130-T

Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM

Ch. Howard's Citation of Cinway

Howard's Scheherazade of Caralon

Ch. Jolyn's Barnstormer CD

Dapamor's Laser

Jolyn's Athena

Wera Nibelung CD TT


July 1983---Winners Dog & Best of Breed

"Handsome medium size black and tan.  Excellent condition, gaits well in all 3 seeds with the same fluidity, clean coming and going, excellent back, slightly high stepping in front, excellent rear drive and follow through.  Very good ring presentation.  He was in gorgeous condition, never breaks stride or lets up, a working show dog."

-Pearl Wieselmann

GSDC of San Gabriel Valley---1985---Best of Opposite Sex

"A nice, dark masculine dog with good movement. I would like to see a little better croup."

-Marion Lawrence