Ch. Jogra's Sgt. Pepper

Ch. Jogra's Sgt. Pepper

Breeders/Owners: Dr. Jose & Kathy Perez-Gurri
DOB: 5-26-05

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Ch. Jogra's Sgt. Pepper
2000 GV Ch. Hickory Hills Bull Durham ROM YC HIC
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GSDC of Greater Miami --- January 25th, 2006 --- WD, BOW & BP

"He was dark, masculine with a beautiful head piece. Although just a 'baby' this youngster shows great promise. He was clean both directions and had a smooth, rhythmic gait. His good temperament, masculine characteristics propelled him to this win."

~ Kathy Potter

GSDC of America --- 2006 --- 12 to 18 Puppy Dog

" A bi-color of beautiful type. He is short-coupled, easy and balanced in motion and has an iron back. He is tightly ligamented and a very handsome one-piece dog"

Judge: Jamie Walker