4x Select Excellent
Ch. Joelle's Alvin v. Norberge CD, TC, ROM

AOE 4x Select Ch. Joelle's Alvin v. Norberge CD, TC, ROM
OFA GS58079F24M-T/EL10912-T
Breeders: Tiffany Bartley, Joann Corbin, Tammy Knight & Pam O'Dell
Owners: Carole Michael, Tiffany Bartley, Joann Corbin & Ricarda Bartley
DOB: 02/07/98


  Ch. Jimeni's Montego
  AOE Ch. Bredwel Jakester of Joelle CD

Morningold's Ibex CD
AOE 4x Select Ch. Joelle's Alvin v. Norberge CD, TC, ROM

Norberger's Charge Him To Me (Mastercharge son)

Norberge's Edie

Norberge's Sweetie (American Express daughter)

GSDC of America---November 1998---6-9 Puppy Dog

"A very nice sable of excellent breed type. He was good coming and going. Excellent, powerful suspended side gait, good layback of shoulder, firm short middlepiece. He keeps his feet close to the ground with excellent rear drive and follow through. Very consistent in motion. The second place puppy in this class was also quite nice --- maybe not quite the forehand as the first place dog."

~ Fran Ford


Canadian Nationals---1999---Select #2

~ John DeHope



Canadian Nationals---2000---Select #3

"This guy presents a gorgeous picture. He is everything a male should be. He has a beautiful prosternum, is deep, and has beautiful turn of stifle. His coupling is good, and he has a short hock. He is a medium sable, medium-to-large-sized plush masculine dog with a beautiful head, good ears, and dark eyes. His ribbing is excellent and his presence is stallion-like. His movement matches the rest of the dog, and it's wonderful. He moves like a male. Some say a larger, masculine dog just can't get up off the ground and fly. Those people need to see this male."

-Kathy Casteel


GSDC of America---November 10th, 2001---Select #6

"An attractive sable, very animated, with a ground-covering gait.  He is exciting and received a lot of crowd support.  Masculine head with good expression and lots of confidence.  Another example of the deep quality in this show."

~Mr. Jack Newton

2004 Register of Merit Sire


GSDC of America --- October 20th, 2006 --- 7 to 9 Veteran Dog

~ Jamie Walker


GSDC of America --- October 21st, 2006 --- Select #13

~ Helen Franklin



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GSDC of Canada --- September 2005 --- Veteran Dog

"My special class of the day- What a pleasure to judge the senior citizens and then to have a class of all sables. Ch Joelles Alvin V. Norberg. What can be said about Alvinnnnn. At 7 years of ages he is still a gorgeous hunk of a dog. He does not know he is supposed to be a senior citizen."

~ Sally Hayden


GSDC of Canada --- September 2005--- Select #9