Ch. Jo-Win's Main Street

Ch. Jo-Win's Main Street
OFA 58668G25M-T EL11156-T
Breeder/Owners: Margie and Dale Crutchfield
 February 23, 1998 ~ August 21st, 2000

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Ch. Jo-Win's Main Street

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GSDC of America---October 1999---Futurity Victor

"Lean, athletic bi-color. Hard driving, good back, nice head and dark eyes. Could use more fore-chest."

~ Charlotte LaRosa

GSDC of America --- October 1999 --- Best Opposite in Futurity

"Beautiful bi-color male, excellent back and topline with a nice croup. Clean coming at me. Could be a little cleaner going away. Very masculine. A balanced outreaching side gait with good follow through. Excellent temperament."

~ Rita Sandell

#12 Sire for 2001~ Futurity/Maturity System

"MAIN STREET (AKA Trooper) was a once in a lifetime dog.  Wherever we took him, he would attract attention from the pillars of our breed to the man on the street.  As a young puppy he had a incredible hard back, long neck and all those curves.

As a producer, in the short time he had on this earth , he left behind side gait and a working dog attitude.  Although never bred to a coated bitch, he did not produce coats when bred to bitches who had previously produced bad elbows.  Main Street did carry the black factor. 

On the negative side, he could produce a steep croup, a slight roach over the loin and monorchids.  We always liked to see a bitch come to him with a little bit of length in the back, a longer stifle and a higher wither.

In closing, Main Street died at a young age to mesinteric torsion.  This was a huge blow to us as breeders.  We had made such progress in other areas of our breeding program to have something like this happen.  To date we have not found this to be a problem in our breeding program, and pray it will never again rear it's ugly head.

God bless you, Troopie; we miss you dearly."

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