2002 Select Excellent
Jo-Win's Concho

Select Ex. Ch. Jo-Win's Concho
OFA H GS-63446G24M-PI OFA E GS-EL13536M24-PI
Breeders/Owners:  Margie & Dale Crutchfield
DOB: February 24th, 2000

  Ch Rosewood's Adonis of Anne-Isle

Ch. Jo-Win's Main Street

Jo-Win's Kali
Select Ex. Ch. Jo-Win's Concho

GV Ch. Marhaven's Color Guard ROM

Elvaston's Cathy Smyly

  Elvaston's Jenny Jones

GSDC of America---2000---6-9 Puppy Dog

"This dog won the class on his ability to suspend and keep his feet close to the ground. A puppy with a beautiful shoulder. He carried a level topline, and is a confident youngster. Excellent bone, substance, and color and clean on both ends. If I were to change him, I would like a slightly higher wither and
more  under drive on a loose lead."

~ Joan Fox


GSDC of America---Saturday October 19th, 2002---Select Excellent #5

" A medium-sized dark, close-coated black and tan. He has a strong head, but his neck appears a bit short, which takes away from his elegance. Hes a very good extended side mover (both tight or on a loose lead) with good follow-through, and his feet close to the ground. Back firm. Down and back clean."

~Edmond Barritt

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