Ch. Jahn-D's Excalibur ROM

Ch. Jahn-D's Excalibur ROM

Breeder: John Schacht
Owners: Jack M. & Vicki Roye

1973 GV Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh Gardens ROM

1977 GV Ch. Langenau's Watson ROM

Langenau's Quessa ROM
Ch. Jahn-D's Excalibur ROM

1970 GV Ch. Hollamor's Judd ROM

Circle High's Emminence CD

  Ricella's Fancy Quinlan

October 1978---Best of Breed

"A masculine elegant dog with excellent ring presence. He was presented in top condition. He is correctly proportioned deep without bulkiness and gives the feeling of power"

-Rosalind Schaefer

GSDC of America---1978---Select #2

"Medium to large black and tan male good secondary sex characteristics displaying a nicely proportioned outline although a bit square and shorter in neck that the Grand Victor (GV Ch. Baobab's Chaz). Good topline and back showing very efficient use of hindquarter transmission but lacking the extension in motion of Chaz. Very smooth and pleasing in motion and good coming and going. He does not posses full dentition but overall a quality animal of harmonious structure and pleasing appearance."

-Ed Barritt

June 1979---Best of Breed

"Medium size black and tan--good coming and going, nice easy fluid gait and presented in beautiful condition."

-Peggy Douglas

GSDC of Memphis-- - April 6, 1980---Best Of Breed

"A handsome deep male, with easy ground covering move."

~Dr. F. Shahrokhi

June 1980---Best of Breed

"Handsome deep male with easy ground covering movement"

-Joe Poepping

GSDC of America---1980---Select #12

"Very masculine and easy moving black and tan dog. Good breed type. He could've been further ahead but had missing teeth."

-Kathleen Steen

August 1981---Best of Breed

"A large stallion type shown in beautiful coat"

-Dr. F. Shahrokhi

1987 Register of Merit Sire

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