Ch. Joelle's Beatrice v Diamond ROM

Ch. Joelle's Beatrice v Diamond ROM

Breeder:  Tiffany C. Bartley, Joann Corbin and Ricarda Bartley
Owner:Tiffany C. Bartley, Joann Corbin, and Ricarda Bartley
DOB: August 10th, 1998

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Ch."The Preacher"
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Ch. Joelle's Beatrice v Diamond ROM
1993 GV Ch. Bethesda's Earth of Jada-Edan
Diamond's Sweetheart v Wisdom
Dumifrito Mercedes v Diamond (Flag daughter)

2005 Register of Merit Dam


GSDC of America --- October 20th, 2006 --- Veteran 7 to 9 Bitch

"A large, richly colored black and tan with good proportions. Good head, neck and topline. She is high withered with a firm back and good croup placement. Very good angulation front and rear. In motion she is clean going, slightly wide coming. From the side she displays excellent reach and drive, and is very balanced. Excellent temperament and attitude. An excellent senior."

~ Dan Smith


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