Ch. Jodi of Waldesruh

Ch. Jodi of Waldesruh

Breeder: R.A Denton
Owner: Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Wohlner

1957 GV Ch. Troll v Richterbach SchH III FH, ROM
Ch. Fels of Arbywood ROM
Frigga of Silver Lane ROM
Ch. Jodi of Waldesruh
Ch. Biff of Ken Rose
Del Deena of Waldesruh ROM
Ch. Cassy of Waldesruh ROM

GSDC of Wisconsin --- September 10, 1967 --- WB, BOW & BOS

"This bitch had an easy ground covering gait that outclassed everything but my Best of Breed. There was much excitement after the show, as I was informed that this show finished her championship."

~ Helen Miller Fisher